What sets us apart?

We are dedicated to taking care of our patients by using the most advanced technology, a highly trained staff, and equipment that ensures we can do our job to the utmost degree of integrity.  It is the caring staff that truly sets us apart, but when combined with the right tools, it makes taking care of you or your loved one much easier.




The Marion County Rescue Squad (MCRS) is a non-profit corporation founded in 1972 to serve the emergency medical and technical rescue needs of Marion County West Virginia. Since 1972, MCRS has grown to a nearly 70 member squad with three stations (Fairmont-20, Worthington-32 and Mannington-25) with as many as nine ambulances and two supervisors on duty. The organization currently offers the following services (ALS emergeny response, BLS emergency response, Medic assistance of other agencies, ALS transports, BLS transports and Technical Rescue (Vehicle and Machinery SAR, Rope Rescue, Wilderness SAR, Surface water rescue and structural collapse).

MCRS: Non Medical Transportation Specialists

When it comes to non medical transportation, elderly transport or medicare transportation, contact the specialists at Marion County Rescue Squad (MCRS) in Fairmont, WV.

Elderly Transport

 Sometimes there is no pressing emergency, which means it is a non medical transportation you need. You simply require a patient transporter that gets you from one place to another. This is quite often the case with an elderly transport. It could mean a number of things though, like providing a way to nursing homes, assisted living units, specialty care facilities, diagnostic facilities or doctor’s offices. One of the helpful things you’ll find about MCRS is we handle all billing in-house. That means we can help you sort out the requirements and rules of Medicare transportation for you or your loved ones if it pertains to you.

Convalescent Transportation

While MCRS does reply to your 911 calls, there’s also non medical transportation when you need it. While each person in our care receives a safe, comfortable ride, they get something else too – dignity. Everyone deserves respect and that’s what makes us one of the primary patient transporter services in the Fairmont, Worthington and Mannington areas. We ensure our patients are comfortable, warm, clean and safe. By communicating with everyone – from patients, to family members, to health care providers – you’ll have a great experience with us every time. Find out more about our elderly transport and other convalescent non medical transportation today.

Fairmont ALS Emergency Transportation from MCRS

For ACLS and other components of ALS, turn to the emergency transportation services of Marion County Rescue Squad (MCRS) serving Fairmont and the surrounding areas.

ACLS: Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Paramedic knowledge and experience are factors that make an emergency transportation company dependable and trustworthy. With Advanced Life Support (ALS), some services often performed include:

  • Tracheal intubation
  • Cardiac defibrillation
  • Transcutaneous pacing
  • Intravenous cannulation (IV)
  • Intraosseous (IO) access and intraosseous infusion
  • Surgical or needle cricothyrotomy (crike)
  • Needle decompression of tension pneumothorax (collapsed lung)
  • Advanced medication administration through various routes (IV, topical, transdermal, etc.)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)
  • Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)


ACLS: Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Whether it’s the result of illness or a serious injury, sometimes having advanced cardiac life support is critical to the survival of you or a loved one. It usually begins by analyzing a patient’s heart rhythms with a manual defibrillator. From there, techs may place intravenous (IV) lines and various airway devices. The goal for using these methods is to ensure you arrive at a nearby care facility where doctors can take the necessary steps for saving your life. So if you or someone you love has experienced a heart health event or have been seriously injured make sure you call 911 for emergency transportation to the nearest hospital.